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Your Wedding Ceremony!

Our Sacramental ceremony comes from the heart and is a sacred chalice for your love and devotion, an elegant frame to portrait your love, united by faith, commitment and a passion to honour your relationship before God. You express your love as a freely made commitment in the company of your family and friends in the presence of, and blessed by The Holy Spirit.

A Caring Priest that relieves your stress and makes both you and your guests feel comfortable and a part of your most intimate moment of caring.

The Chalice and Wine blessed and used during the ceremonial ritual, calls God's Blessing of the first shared moment of your married life.

Locations of Your Choice. The ideal location is one in which you are most comfortable. It may be a church, an outdoor garden, a catering facility, a chapel or even your home. These are all examples of suitable and proper locations.

Special Needs!

Interfaith Marriage ceremonies by a caring and compassionate priest that celebrates the honour of traditions, and the historical values of each individual faith. The past is honoured, the present solemnized, the future regarded with faith and hope.

Dispensations (waiving of a Doctrinal requirement) may be extended by the Ordre when certain impediments are in place that create difficulty for the applicants to meet the requirements of the Faith. Please discuss this matter with one of our authorized Priests.

You can trust our experience !

Our priests have extended God's love in administering the Holy Sacraments for over a thousand years...
During the Crusades our Ordre was charged with the protection of the pilgrims venturing into the Holy Land. It was believed that those blessed by the Ordre have been given the gifts of uncommon love, uncommon health, and were certainly wiser than their fellow men. We believe that the Holy Spirit eternally blesses all our Brethren who receive their Holy Sacraments from our historically valid Priests, and that God's angels watch o'er them.

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