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As you may have learned, today's Church places severe hardships on your choices regarding your marriage or remarriage in the Catholic faith. The decision you make today may have far reaching effects on your being permitted to receive future Sacraments, to baptize your newborn children, to attend in Catholic schools and even to be buried in a Catholic consecrated cemetery.

The mission of our Ordre is to not only make the Sacrament available to you, but to make your Sacrament truly personal and unique. Our ceremony, which includes Communion and Absolution for the bride and groom assures you the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. God will touch your heart and change your lives forevermore. A loving ceremony that both you and your guests will feel the most profound sense of joy in recalling, long after the confetti or rose petals have disappeared.

Our love and compassion in administering the Sacraments has resulted in the Ordre receiving the highest honours. Selected to form the Honour Guard that greeted His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Strasbourg when he addressed the Council of Europe, we have been featured internationally on television and in the news media. Our Ordre was honoured by having the confidence of the Cardinal-Archbishop of Paris, Jean-Marie Lustiger. This honour extended to our participation in the ceremonial appearances of Cardinal Lustiger.

For a thousand years our French Religious Ordre has ministered to the Catholic faithful. By virtue of our valid Sacraments and Holy Orders in the Roman Catholic apostolic succession* we are able to provide you with a valid Holy Sacrament of Matrimony under our religious and martial jurisdiction.

If you are experiencing difficulties with Church policies, or simply demand the right to make decisions regarding your future destinies, our Ordre may have the only Catholic Answer attainable to you recognized by Church authorities. Remember, we don't just say this -- We Guarantee It in writing. As you will note in this Web Site even such matters as birth control and AIDS are treated differently in Europe. Don't be deprived of your valid Sacrament.

The concern of our Ordre is to be pastorally sensitive to the needs of the Catholic faithful that request our ministering of the Sacraments from us. Our Ordre agrees with the Jesuit theologian Father Joao Batista Libanio that,

"the canonical right has to be respected, however, we must always interpret the canons as Christ would considering the Spirit of the Law".

You can trust our experience !

Our priests have extended God's love in administering the Holy Sacraments for over a thousand years...
During the Crusades our Ordre was charged with the protection of the pilgrims venturing into the Holy Land. It was believed that those blessed by the Ordre have been given the gifts of uncommon love, uncommon health, and were certainly wiser than their fellow men. We believe that the Holy Spirit eternally blesses all our Brethren who receive their Holy Sacraments from our historically valid Priests, and that God's angels watch o'er them.

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