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On this page we will present sites which we hope you find interesting. Should you link to those sites, please let them know that you came to them through our site. We hope you find your journey through cyberspace helpful.

The Holy See

Visit the Holy See in Rome while cruising the web. This is a must in your journey!
The Holy See

Christ in the Desert

The Monastery of Christ in the Desert sits in a remote part of the northwestern New Mexico desert. They generate their electricity from solar panels and link to the Internet via a fragile cellphone connection. This is a neat site and well worth a visit. Who knows, you may want to include the Monastery in your vacation plans. You can actually get to live in seclusion just like the monks in residence.
Christ in the Desert

Nourishment of the Soul

The Latin expression lectio divina means a prayerful reading of scripture to nourish prayer and to enter into communion with the mystery presented to us in the biblical text.

Lectio divina is distinct from scientific exegesis, study and interpretation, since it is centered on dialogue of faith between the reader and God, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Meditation - Ladder of the Monks

Catholic Charismatic Church

The Catholic Charismatic Church is located in Utica, NY, USA. We think you will find the information in this site most informative and useful.
Catholic Charismatic Church

Byzantine and Medieval Information

This is just a really great place to find out all about the times when our order was started. Some great history and research.
Medieval Links

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