Orders of Ministry

The Order is in full of Faith with the Ancient One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church established by Christ yet in non-essential matters of Church Government, Customs end Traditions, we are autonomous. By Papal decree, exempt from the authority of local Ordinaries By virtue of our Religious valid reception of the Sacrament of Holy Orders in Roman Catholic, Old Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Lines of Apostolic Succession, we continue unbroken, since ages past, authoritative Apostolic teaching and practice. As such, we combine the traditional liturgical form of worship with its stately ritual, deep mysticism and abiding witness to the reality of Sacramental Grace, honoring individual conscience and a ministry that is both intimate and caring. Regarding the human mind as one of the great avenues to spiritual apprehension, we encourage among our adherents, the free play of scientific and philosophic thought, effectively combining reason with theological proposition.

We Welcome all to our altar who approach reverently and sincerely. We have no wish to proselytize, in the aggressive sense, from the adherents of any other church, and as an earnest servant of the Eternal Christ, welcome all people to its services and activities without asking or expecting them to leave their original house of worship. We enjoy and seek full spiritual fellowship with other religions of the world.

In A Word, Chevaliers de l'Ordre Notre Dame de Sion is a living Christian Religious Order -- Modernist, in that it maintains that the forms of religion should keep pace with human growth and enlightenment; Traditional -- in that it holds that the Church has handed down a very precious heritage from Christ himself; Historic -- in that it serves God and mankind with the same form of devotion and sacrifice that became it's hallmark in the Crusades; Ecumenical -- in that we transcend the inherited artificial religious divisions in order that committed Christians in different denominational traditions may find each other once again in the same community of faith, dialogue and worship. To this extent we seek mutual recognition, doctrinal accord, joint worship, and practical cooperation between our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

"Gahm kee ilech b'gai tzalmavet, lo irah, Kee Atah imadee..." [Hebrew] "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I shall fear no evil. For Thou art with me. . ."           

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