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Dispensations (waiving of a Doctrinal requirement) may be extended by the Ordre when certain impediments are in place that create difficulty for the applicants to meet the requirements of the Catholic Faith.

It is required that a dispensation be issued by the party of authority (this Religious Ordre) to witness the exchange of vows and intentions.

No priest as an individual can issue a document in the name of the Catholic Faith.

This is a legal procedure covered by Canon Law and must be issued
by the Corporate Authoritative Body holding jurisdiction over the consenting parties

In the case of a Catholic-Jewish union the Jewish party does not possess nor have they received the Sacrament of Baptism. This is an essential requirement of the Catholic Faith and unless dispensed with prohibits the acceptance of the Sacrament of Marriage. The theological term is Disparity of Cult.  

This dispensation presupposes that both parties have knowledge of and understand and have no intention of excluding the essential    
ends and properties of a valid marriage; and the obligations of both parties to uphold the intents and obligations of their respective faiths.

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