The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony . . .

God's Gift for You!.

The Presence of the Holy Spirit in Your Ceremony.

God's Love...

The Holiness given by Christ to marriage is seen very clearly from the fact that the union of the baptized is a Sacrament. This means that marriage itself is a sign through which Christ give us his Holy Spirit. What does this sign consist of?. It is the simplest imaginable: the mutual promise and the life in accordance with this promise. This is the Sacrament. Hence the form of the sacrament is of no particular juridical formula taken in of itself, nor the marriage ceremony by itself, but the will to belong to each other in love and freely-chosen loyalty, 'till the day of death. Hence all the love, tenderness, compassion, concern and caring that married couples offer each other is a source of grace, of Christ's presence, of the Holy Spirit. This is the nature of the marriage which Christians enter into before God. This then, is the nature of the Sacrament you receive from our Priest.

The Only Catholic Answer for Your Perfectly performed
Sacrament of Holy Matrimony...

Occurs only once in you lifetime. However, we've had since the 14th Century to perfect your Marriage Sacrament. Your complete satisfaction and happiness is very important to us. Your marriage ceremony is customized expressly for you. Our priests are expertly trained to not only administer the precious Sacrament for you, but to do so with an artistic and creative flair that will be recalled and cherished by all who witness the rite.

Deeds...Not Words!
Performance Guarantee

Your Sacramental ritual will be performed in a professional manner, coordinating with other participating professionals to assure you of a stress-free and beautifully personalized ceremony. The ceremony of your dreams will become a reality with our compassionate priests there for you. We don't just say it... We Guarantee It!

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