The Application for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

Instructions to simplify the submission

The Application for the Holy Sacrament actually consists of two pages.

The first, the Application, tells us about both you and your intended spouse as well as the time and place of the intended ceremony. You will note that it is required that you and your intended both provide the Ordre with copies of your Baptismal Certificates as well as a copies of your Birth Certificates. These important documents establish your right as a Catholic to have the Church and our Religious Ordre witness your Holy Sacrament. In the event you have to obtain copies from a parish, do not withhold the filing of your application. Submit the completed application with a short note stating that the missing documentation will be forth coming as quickly as possible. The important factor is the booking of your wedding date and the confirmation of the time and place by this Religious Ordre.

The Ceremony portion is very straight forward.
Please note that it is vitally important that you include a chapel time that is accurate. Also be certain that the contact information for the wedding facility is completed.

The second, The Petitioners Statement.
Simply check off the services you desire from the Ordre. Both the bride and groom must sign and date the document. When completed and ready to mail, make certain that your cheques is made out to Good Samaritan Charities and enclosed with your completed paperwork. This insures your records for the Internal Revenue Service.

Remember, your donation supports the provision of our community services, as well as our mission of alleviating the suffering of afflicted children.
You may rest assure that God has a very special place in his heart for children, especially those that must meet special challenges. You will undoubtedly be abundantly blessed by the Holy Spirit for your love and caring.

God Bless!

The Priests of

Chevaliers de Notre Dame

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