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Your Unforgettable...

Sacrament of Marriage

Begins With:

A Sacramental Ceremony that captures your dreams, and remains a treasured experience forever. To view ceremony, please click here.

Ceremony information and suggestions may be viewed by clicking here.

Preparing for your Holy Sacrament and suggestions to avoid chaos click here.

New York State Marriage License, requirements and information may be viewed by clicking here.

Special Readings that reflect your special caring for each other may be appended within the ceremony to creatively personalize your Sacrament.

Special music or vocal renditions may also be added as a personal touch to express that personal caring.

A Caring Priest that relieves your stress and makes both you and your guests feel comfortable and a part of your most intimate moment of caring.

The Chalice and Wine blessed and used during the ceremonial ritual, calls God's Blessing of the first shared moment of your married life.

Absolution is administered by the Ordre's priest for those that qualify.

A Communion Service may be added for you and your immediate family should you desire it. Logistics (and Church regulations) require us to limit the ritual to single element communion. 

A Marriage Certificate, precision lettered, attesting to the valid reception of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church manifest in the Sacred Society of Saint Pius the X. To view certificate, please click here!

A Special Nuptial Mass will be celebrated in our private chapel for you and your loved one the night prior to your wedding ceremony. You begin your marriage blessed by the Holy Spirit. Your presence is not required. A Personalized Mass Certificate will be enclosed in the paperwork given to you on the day of your wedding. To view certificate, please click here!

Authentic Ritual Vestments as worn by this thousand year old Religious Ordre in both daily life and it's religious mass celebrations for over a millennium. To view our traditional and historic cowl and tunic, please click here!

A Photo Session with the priest will be accommodated immediately following the wedding ceremony. Please advise the celebrant of your wishes prior to the day of the wedding.

Locations of Your Choice. The ideal location is one in which you are most comfortable. It may be a church, an outdoor garden, a catering facility, a chapel or even your home. These are all examples of suitable and proper locations.

Outdoor Wedding

Special Needs!

Interfaith Marriage ceremonies by a caring and compassionate priest that celebrates the honour of traditions, and the historical values of each individual faith. The past is honoured, the present solemnized, the future regarded with faith and hope. For more information about our interfaith services, please click here!
                To view Interfaith ceremony, please click here.

Annulments are arranged through the Ordre and issued under our Marital Jurisdiction.. When a relationship has ended and a civil divorce has been obtained, any person may petition the Church and/or the Ordre to investigate if there are grounds for declaring that marriage invalid on the basis of some impediment, such as,  a defect in the person's consent or lack of some essential element of the marital union. To find out more information about annulments, please click here!

Dispensations (waiving of a Doctrinal requirement) may be extended by the Ordre when certain impediments are in place that create difficulty for the applicants to meet the requirements of the Faith. Please discuss this matter with one of our authorized Priests.
To see the Official Definition, please click here!

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Validation by

Ecclesia Dei -Pontifical Commission

(To view click above link)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We suggest your booking of your nuptials as early as possible. Many couples reserve their wedding date as early as two years in advance, and we do not wish to disappoint anyone. Remember, our Sacraments and ceremonies are secured by a $50,000.00 written assurance for your peace of mind.

We do not charge a fee to witness the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
We strive to always follow the rigid prohibitions placed upon us as a Religious Ordre in service to God.

In exchange for the Sacrament of Marriage, a Stole Donation is accepted.

Donations Are Charitable and Tax-Deductible.
Accepted and approved by the Internal Revenue Service,
as an income tax-deductible donation to our approved charity
Good Samaritan Charities;

Your contribution supports the provision of our community services, as well as
our mission of alleviating the suffering of afflicted children.

The Priest volunteers his services to you on behalf of the afflicted children. He has extended himself far beyond the wedding ceremony to make certain your day is as perfect as is humanly possible. It is customary to show your appreciation with a gratuity as God would appreciate.

You are assured of God's Blessings and His rewards for your thoughtfulness in caring for His servant.

To print the Marriage Application, please click here!

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