An open challenge from The Knights of Notre Dame, Sovereign Military Religious Ordre, to compare and contrast religious credentials with The Roman Catholic Church from the time of the Apostles through Saint Peters Cathedral (Rome).

Popes, Cardinals and Bishops of our Ordre historically possess identical Apostolic Succession and Holy Orders. The Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, Jean-Marie Lustiger trusted the Ordre to represent him during his public appearances. The audience was deeply impressed by the appearance of the Knights in their spectacular long white capes bearing the famous red cross peculiar to the Ordre. The Ordre has also been honored by His Holiness Pope John Paul II during his visit to Strasbourg in September of 1998 when he addressed the Council of Europe. (see articles in The New York Times, London Times and The National Catholic Reporters articles by Vatican Affairs writer Peter Hebblethwaite)

The Pontifical Commission of Ecclesia Dei guarantees the Catholic Validity of the Sacraments the Ordre provides.
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The Sacramental Assurance is issued in the form of a challenge for those that decline to accept the credibility of the Roman Catholic Pontifical Commission.
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