The Presence of the Holy Spirit in Your Ceremony.

God's Love...

Capture the moment of your dreams with a Priest that extends God's love and truly cares about you and your needs. He will not only assist you with your immediate Sacrament of Holy Matrimony , but will be there for you years into the future, whenever you need him. We Baptize the children of those we have married, and are there for you in moments of need and sometimes even sorrow.

Deeds...Not Words!
Performance Guarantee

Your Sacramental ritual will be performed in a professional manner, coordinating with other participating professionals to assure you of a stress-free and beautifully personalized ceremony. The ceremony of your dreams will become a reality with our compassionate priests there for you. We don't just say it... We Guarantee It!

Behold I make all things new -- Revelations 21:05


Validation by

Ecclesia Dei -Pontifical Commission

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Your assurance of a valid Catholic Sacrament

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