In order to spend the years necessary to study, train and practice in his chosen fields, the potential physician must, of necessity, become a self driven and self centered individual that is apt to test the strengths of the personal relationships he values most. My wife, Sharon, a Registered Nurse, embraced my dedication and drives with no less devotion than myself. Even though she continued to meet her hospital obligations as a full time nurse, as my wife, she unselfishly supported me, in her giving of love, compassion, loyalty and emotional support. She steadfastly attended symposiums, spent countless hours in research at the medical library, assisted me in conducting experiments, preparing coffee and snacks for countless midnight study vigils, preparing for the unending tests and trials attendant to the completion of my education and training. She took care of me in sickness, and devoted her self to my welfare and goals. Most importantly, she made major contributions by her sage and wise advice during my times of depression and despair. Without this loving soul mate by my side, providing much needed strength and stability, I am firmly convinced that I would have been nothing more than another disillusioned, disorientated Viet-Nam veteran drifting aimlessly through life.

Sharon Grimme Trees, R.N., was killed in a tragic and senseless accident in New York City.

No attainment was worth this sacrifice.

“It is not the breaking of the dawn. . . 'Tis my heart”

Certificate Signature


Right Reverend Doctor Douglas Lynn Trees, NDS


Chevaliers de Notre Dame

The dedication on the reverse of this

reads, "May you always be able

to see me through this picture". . .

And I always will, there has not been,

nor will there ever be, anyone else.

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