Why should we seek a religious blessing for our forthcoming marriage?

God loves you and wishes only goodness and love for you. His clerics represent His abiding presence among us. We need His Blessing to help our marriage succeed.

I am a baptized Catholic about to marry a baptized Protestant. Can we still be married by a Catholic cleric?

Yes, we welcome all in need who are committed to each other in love to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony under our matrimonial jurisdiction.

What is Matrimonial Jurisdiction?

This is our Church's divinely authorized right to determine the conditions under which baptized persons may, validly - and/or licitly receive the sacrament of matrimony. This includes the right to determine who may witness the marriage and, if necessary, what dispensations are to be granted.

What is Matrimony?

Marriage, but a more appropriate term for legal and religious use. It is the proper term for the sacrament of marriage, and refers more to the relationship between husband and wife than to the ceremony or the state of marriage.

I am a Lutheran, my fiancee is an Episcopalian, we are not active church members, can we be married by a Catholic cleric?

Yes, our clerics will be pleased to perform the ceremony, using the worship service of either church or one of our own focusing on the love you have for each other.

Either or both of us are divorced. Will you still perform our wedding ceremony?

Yes, we invite you to submit your request to us. We believe God forgives all who seek him with a sincere heart. He is more interested in reconciliation than condemnation, therefore so are we.

We are both Roman Catholic. One or both of us has been divorced. Can we still receive the Sacrament of Matrimony from a Catholic Priest?

Yes, our Priests have validly received the Sacrament of Holy Orders (Ordination). We are however, canonically (according to church law). Independent of the Vatican, and therefore not bound by many arbitrary regulations. As Catholic Priests, we perform all seven sacraments as valid and true as any Priest under the Latin Rite.

What is an Annulment?

An official declaration by a competent religious authority that, for some lawful reasons, a previous act or contract was invalid and consequently null and void.

If I have a religious annulment, do I have to get a divorce?

Yes. Remember, in this case, an annulment is issued for religious reasons. A divorce is a civil matter demanding a civil procedure.

Can a Priest do the annulment?

No. This is an important matter which must be presented and considered at a higher level.

We are divorced Roman Catholics, can we still validly receive the Sacrament of Marriage without an annulment?

All prior marriages entered into without valid consent need to be annulled prior to entering into a new Sacramental Marriage. The Roman of Latin Rite Church uses the external forum of a marriage tribunal. We use what is termed (in moral theology) the internal forum. This is the forum of your individual conscience to decide for annulment in each individual case; after a private consultation with one of our Bishops in order to rightly inform your conscience. This is a highly personal and private process which accomplishes, as far as Almighty God is concerned, the same end as a Formal Tribunal Hearing with Church attorneys.

One or both of us is Jewish, can you provide both a Rabbi and a Priest for our wedding?

Yes, as a part of Ecumenical Commitment, we will refer you to a Rabbi ar a Cantor.

What is considered a proper setting for our wedding ceremony?

One in which you are most comfortable. This may be a Church, an outdoor garden, a chapel, a catering facility, even your home. These are all examples of a proper setting.

Do we really have to give you a year's notice before you will marry us?

Not at all. But we do suggest you contact us as early as possible, so we can both assure you of a secure booking date and proper personal to meet your unique needs.

We were told by one Minister his fee was payable in cash, and when we requested a receipt he refused saying this was a private matter, and he did not want to be involved with the Internal Revenue Service. How do you charge?

There is a Stole Offering which is made either to the Church or to the Ordre for which you receive a receipt. This is an offering for administering or presiding at a sacrament of rite and is common in Catholic Churches. The purpose of the offering is the support and continuation of our charitable and social commitments to humanity. For this purpose we operate The Good Samaritan Medical - Psychiatric Center which is totally supported by donations. The clerics services are gratis.

My sister was married by an individual who said he was a "Priest" and wore vestments. He refused her Marriage Certificate saying she would get one from the City. Later, she saw him performing a marriage (at another catering facility) for a girlfriend, he was now a "Rabbi". What gives?

Sorry to say marriages are big business to some and when money is involved, ethics are made to suffer. Some facilities contract their weddings out to "marriage performers". The individuals usually do not have valid religious credentials, however are legally able to perform civil ceremonies. They may be utilized in a manner that is highly unethical and not pleasing to valid religious authorities. All of the clerics we utilize are validly ordained and will assist you in every way possible to make that day of yours a very special memory.

Will I receive a valid religious marriage certificate?

Yes, the certificate which is especially created for you is suitable for framing. We are very proud of our religious heritage, and we take pride in our services. You will be pleased with the results.

Suppose we need to see a cleric again sometime in the future. Will you be available to us or "do you just take our money and run"?

We are a Catholic Church and Religious Order. Help is always just a telephone call away. Our files are filled with letters of thanks and appreciations for our services rendered. We are here for you in time of need.

May I give the cleric a gratuity without insulting him?

Our clerics perform weddings as part of our commitment and love for humanity. Your kind contribution to him personally will be utilized to offset his personal expenses, special planning for your wedding, visitations to the infirmed and so forth. Rest assured, he will accept your kindness in the spirit you intend.

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