Notre Dame 


Sovereign Military Religious Order  of Jerusalem

in Communal Association with

The Catholic Sacramental Churches. 

The one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church extends to you and your loved ones a most cordial welcome to our Church and our Religious Ordre. Congratulations on your decision to request God's Blessing upon your wedding.

Our wish is to reach those that not only prefer to have God's Blessings through the reception of the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony, but also desire to create a truly valued and everlasting treasured remembrance for the years to come.

Our unforgettable ceremony is one that springs from deep feelings and arouses profound emotional reactions from all who witness and participate in this joyous event.
Our Sacramental ceremony
comes from the heart and is a sacred chalice for your love and devotion, an elegant frame to portrait your love, united by faith, commitment and a passion to honour your relationship before God. You express your love as a freely made commitment in the company of your family and friends in the presence of, and blessed by The Holy Spirit.

The Legend and The Legacy

During the Crusades our Ordre was charged with the protection of the pilgrims venturing into the Holy Land. It was believed that those blessed by the Ordre have been given the gifts of uncommon love, uncommon health, and were certainly wiser than their fellow men. We believe that the Holy Spirit eternally blesses all our Brethren who receive their Holy Sacraments from our historically valid Priests, and that God's angels watch o'er them.

You can trust our experience....

.......throughout the centuries we have married thousands including kings and queens, dukes and duchesses but. . .

  your marriage is the most important to us!!

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